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Introducing our latest Cockpit interface board for DCS, certified by Eagle Dynamics!

Designed from the ground up to make your next Cockpit build a breeze. Using our unique on edge card design we save you a lot of valuable space in your pit. With a board size of only 260mm x 142mm it packs a punch! We have incorporated two LeoBodnar BBI-64 input cards with an embedded LoungePilot Mega2560 into a single package giving you a total of 128 inputs which can be assigned within the game, and with the Mega embedded you have all the I/O you need to build a great cockpit. And all of this with 3.81mm pluggable headers, it doesn't get any easier! The standard kit consists of Main Interface Board, Two on edge card connectors, LoungePilot Mega2560 and a 32 way Common signal Distribution Board. You can add the LeoBodnar cards at Checkout and we will source and assemble these for you prior to shipping. If you already have BBI-64 Cards then you can simply plug them into our On Edge Connector Cards and you are all set! This package is also a prefect solution for MSFS or X-Plane too.