LoungePilot was created by Engineers who are also flight simulator enthusiasts. We decided to build our own flight simulator interface technology after building our own Cessna cockpit and realised that unless you are an Engineer the available tech required a lot of knowledge that most people would struggle with. So our first product was the Flight Simulator Cockpit Motherboard. This is the original board we created to drive our own cockpit. Our passion is Engineering solutions that give you the confidence to build your own cockpit knowing that you have the support of LoungePilot Engineers to assist you along the way. Our products do not require you to have an Engineering degree or search for hours through forums, websites, Youtube etc. We make it simple! And if you get stuck we are here to advise. Our Technology is compatible with Mobiflight & Air Manager, simply the best platforms out there to get you flying high in a Cockpit that you have created!