About Us


LoungePilot was started by a small group of flight simulator enthusiasts. We wished to simply build our own flight gear, as what was out there wasn't to the standard we were happy with. We spent months extensively researching solutions to this, before coming to the conclusion, that with our backgrounds, we could make our own! What we expected would be an easy and quick solution, turned into a years-long passion project, and our innovative interface motherboard for sim builders is the child of this.



The possibilities are endless. Not only do we design to save you and us headaches, messy wiring, and sore eyes, we are pushing the envelope of what the possibilities are. LoungePilot gear is made with the highest standards in mind, to provide you with the best simulator experience possible.



Having just launched our first of its kind Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Cockpit Motherboard, we have dozens of projects currently in the works. Our MaxXtender system will be launching next month, providing all of us simulator enthusiasts with the tools to be able to create three, five, and six digit displays! We expect to have a few more products out in the world and in your gaming rooms by the end of the year! For the Flight Simulator enthusiast who isn't too good with a soldering iron, we also will be able to provide you with a full cockpit - including with steam guages - and without breaking the bank!



We would love to hear from you and also offer a bespoke service! If you have a problem, we will find you the solution. If the gear you are after out there for your cockpit and it isn't out there, contact us!