High Capacity x32 Output Card with 8 Dimmable Zones

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Introducing the ultimate Output shift register solution! We spent months developing this card so we could bring to the community what we feel is the best output solution available. The card can handle voltage ranges of between 5-36v. We mounted x8 MOSFETs which gives you the option to dim a minimum of 8 zones in your build and is absolutely perfect for LED strips when planning your backlighting in an OVHD panel for example. Each output can handle a maximum of 500mA* The outputs can be connected in parallel to increase the load handling. The outputs can also be used to drive inductive loads such as solenoids. No additional relay boards or opto isolating solutions are needed! Best of all this works in exactly the same way as any other output shift register such as DM13A is fully compatible with Mobiflight.

*Subject to duty cycle limitations