LP Cockpit Motherboard - Standard Edition

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Introducing our new Standard Edition Cockpit Builders Motherboard.

A great solution for you to start building your own Flight Simulator cockpit that you always dreamed you had. We take away all of the headaches associated with trying to figure out where to start! All terminals are spring cage so you don’t have to spend hours crimping cables to hook up encoders, 7 Seg displays, LED outputs, Button inputs etc, etc. What a great time saver! You don’t need to mess with soldering resistors onto LED’s as they are already on board, simply connect an LED and that’s it. All encoder inputs have pull up resistors so you can forget about using those KY-040 encoders needing 5 volts, we have taken care of that for you! Hook up an encoder and see how smooth it is when you are dialing your new heading. We have PWM pins for Servo’s and steppers along with external 5V/GND so easy! Hook up all your components with ease. Powered by TWO MEGA2560 microcontrollers and fully compatible with your favorite configuration software. Add our new MAX7219 displays and you have a fantastic, easy solution for building your cockpit right out of the box!! And remember you have the full support of LoungePilot Engineers, got a question? We will help you all the way.

Cockpit Motherboard Specification:

Powered by x2 MEGA2560 Microcontrollers already fitted to board, simply plug and go

External 5Vdc input

x20 LED Outputs

x8 MAX7219 Display headers (up to 64 displays possible)

x4 Analog inputs

TX1,2 and 3 headers

X20 Encoder inputs

X16 Button inputs

X2 LCD headers

Easily add a LeoBodnar BU0836X as there is space to mount one!

Power LED

Controller activity LED’s

Please allow 3-5 days for shipping if you are adding a LeoBodnar board as we have to order them and wait for delivery from LeoBodnar.