MAX7219 Ribbon Display System

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We originally designed this MAX7219 Display solution back in 2021 although it was for a 32 display PCB! We have decided to release a four display solution which makes it very compact and only needs 3 digital pins plus power as the displays are daisy chained. It's a beautiful board and will make your build very easy! Available in several display, colour options and number of digits. All our displays are one module!! So if you order a 6 digit you get a 6 digit, not 3+3! We have added an additional GND terminal so if you are using external power you can conveniently also tie this back to Arduino GND. Supplied with four 30cm ribbons and fully assembled. No soldering iron required!

Note: You are buying the display driver board only. Please don't forget to add the Ribbon displays to your cart, maximum four displays per driver board.

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